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Our grades go from 8th Kyu (white belt) to the top brown belt (1st Kyu). From there the black belt grades go from 1st Dan and upwards.

All Kyu gradings are carried out at the Oasis and usually require a full attendance at classes two times a week for three months beforehand (though this may be relaxed in some circumstances).

Below is the syllabus for all Kyu gradings. Pop-up explanations of the Japanese phrases will appear if you move the mouse over some of them - otherwise see our the translations page.

Kata combinations can be seen here (pdf format).

8th Kyu (white belt)

  1. junzuki turn jodan-uke
  2. gyakuzuki turn gedan-barai
  3. maegeri
  4. tsurikomi maegeri
  5. maegeri tobikomizuki gyakuzuki
  6. soto-uke gyakuzuki
  7. ushi-uke gyakuzuki
  8. gedan-barai gyakuzuki
  9. jodan-uke nihonzuki

7th kyu (yellow belt)

  1. junzuki (chudan & jodan) turn jodan-uke
  2. gyakuzuki (chudan & jodan) turn gedan-barai
  3. maegeri tobikomizuki gyakuzuki
  4. mawashigeri gyakuzuki
  5. maegeri mawashigeri gyakuzuki
  6. surikomi mawashieri gyakuzuki
  7. soto-uke/ gedan-barai gyakuzuki
  8. ushi-uke/jodan-uke gyakuzuki
  9. kata:pinan-nidan

6th kyu (orange belt)

  1. junzuki & kette-junzuki
  2. gyakuzuki & kette-gyakuzuki
  3. mawashigeri gyakuzuki
  4. yokogeri gyakuzuki
  5. maegeri yokogeri gyakuzuki
  6. surikomi yokogeri gyakuzuki
  7. defences against: maegeri, mawashigeri,jodanzuki, chudanzuki or jiyu kumite
  8. kata:pinan-nidan & pinan-shodan

5th kyu (green belt)

  1. kette junzuki (jodan/chudan)
  2. kette gyakuzuki (jodan/chudan)
  3. maegeri gyakuzuki
  4. mawashigeri gyakuzuki
  5. yokogeri gyakuzuki
  6. mawashiuchi gyakuzuki
  7. mawashigeri surikomi mawashiuchigyakuzuki
  8. maegeri mawashigeri yokogeri urakengyakuzuki
  9. defences against: maegeri, mawashigeri, jodansuki, chudansuki
  10. kata:pinan-shodan & pinan-sandan
  11. jiyu kumite

4th kyu (purple belt)

  1. kette junzuki (jodan/chudan
  2. kette gyakuzuki (jodan chudan)
  3. maegeri gyakuzuki & turikomi
  4. mawashigeri gyakuzuki & turikomi
  5. yokogeri gyakuzuki & surikomi
  6. mawashiuchi gyakuzuki & surikomi
  7. ushirogeri gyakuzuki
  8. mawashigeri ushiro gyakuzuki
  9. defences: of examiner's choice
  10. kata: pinan-sandan & pinan-yondan
  11. jiyu kumite

3rd kyu (1st brown belt)

  1. a comprehensive display of kihon and renraku at the choice and discretion of the examiner.
  2. examiner's choice of jiyu ippon techniques (specified attack but optional defence)
  3. kata: pinan-yondan & pinan-godan plus a rudimentary knowledge of kushanku
  4. jiyu kumite

2nd kyu (2nd brown belt)

  1. as per 3rd kyu
  2. as per 3rd kyu
  3. kata: two pinans and kushanku plus rudimentary knowledge of chinto
  4. as 3rd kyu

1st kyu (3rd brown belt)

  1. as per 2nd kyu
  2. as per 2nd kyu
  3. katas: kushanku & chinto plus three pinan
  4. as 2nd kyu


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