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profile - Phil Bentley 5th Dan

I started to train with the HKK in Swindon at the Oasis in 1983. Prior to this I had tried Kenpo after seeing the Bruce Lee movie Enter The Dragon at the pictures in 1974.

The Kenpo club was in Swindon and was run by Pete Whitney and Martin Sleeman. I left there and lost interest for a while then I tried Shotokan Karate in 1980 which was part of the IKA (Independent Karate Association) which was headed by Jim Wlison. I got to 4th kyu but I wasn't happy with the way things were going or the standards so I left in 1982.

Joining the Oasis in 1983 was the turning point for me because I realised early on that I had found the right style and people to train with. In March 1984 I attended my first Ogwen Bank spring course. It was one hell of a shock to the system training hard 3 times a day for 5 days but at the end of it I was awarded my 3rd Kyu by Sensei Spanton.

I graded to 2nd Kyu in October 1985 and my 1st Kyu in March 1986 at the Oasis club.

I was allowed to take and achieved my 1st Dan at the Ogwen Bank Spring Course in March 1987. I am particularly proud of this as I was ill during the week and wasn't sure I would be fit enough to go for it.

Not long after this I decided I would take all my dan grades at Ogwen Course, which I did. I passed my 2nd Dan in March 1989, 3rd Dan March 1994, 4th Dan in April 1998. I was awarded my 5th Dan in May 2004 at the end of the Ogwen Bank spring course. This came as total surprise to me.

I have represented the Oasis club at many HKK competitions in Individual Kumite and Team Kumite and Kata with varying success.

I am a HKK referee and I have been privileged to represent the Association WKC International junior and senior events both here and abroad.

My Favourite Technique is Yoko Geri (Side Kick).

My Favourite Kata is Higashi Yon because I like the variety of moves and stances and the Bunkai.

Dislikes: any Martial artists who are just in it for the money and not the Art.


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